Friday, February 15, 2008

how to download from torrent

Step 1 Download the torrent file nd save it your computer

Step 2 now open this torrent file with utorrent or any torrent client
(if you are in US i will not recommend utorrent for you )
try azureus instead linux and mac users use transmission
(java based bit heavy on resources)

mac / linux
Download Transmission

step 3 just let the torrent run in background
Speed may be sucking at times , but if you have seeders or a full copy distributed
it usually downloads

some basic terms about torrent
torrent - it is basicaaly referred to torrent file nd torrent protocol
torrent file is a small file which has info abut hash sizes chksum etc

seeders - guys having full copy of movie
leechers -guys downloading movie from seeders and among themself (leechers)

be sure about your free hours (for bsnl nd airtel users)
else you will screw up your bills as utorrent when minimized ,goes to system tray
so to exit it you have to properly exit by going to file menu
or right clicking icon in taskbar clickign the cross button doesnt work

tip- dont discard a torrent saying it got less or no seeds , just download the torrent and run for 15 minutes nd chk u rself

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saumya said...

the downloading doesnot get started.i mean it shows that its being downloading but dwnldin always shows 0%downloading